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Karen L Murphy


Thank you Towne Square for your wonderful customer service. I always feel will taken care of when I come to your store.

Doug McDermand


This past July, I brought Towne Square Jewelers 2 very old cameo mounted rings in desperate need of restoration. Against all odds, the Towne Square Jewelers Staff did a superb job in restoring these family heirlooms. In sum, they look brand new! For those with similar heirloom restoration needs, I would heartily recommend Towne Square Jewelers!

Allison Heinz


We love Town Square Jewelers! We have purchased a few things from them and each time we received fabulous customer service.

Great Store!
Allison Heinz

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Sheri Priest

February 27, 2020

Very knowledgeable, helpful folks. I love going there! They have repaired and cleaned many jewelry pieces and they were like new after they were done! Janelle is very tuned to my taste and never fails to help me find something I cant live without!

Lisa Ebel

February 14, 2020

Very friendly, personalized service. I have never special ordered jewelry before and I didn't know what to expect. My ring was exactly how I hoped it would be and I'm thrilled! I am very committed to using local business and I'll be using Towne Square Jewelers again!!

Amy Strong

March 12, 2020

Had my repair done within 24 hours and my ring looks like brand new again. So glad to have someplace local to take care of my wedding ring instead of having to take a chance on shipping it somewhere.

Marci Croy

October 29, 2019

I needed a head replacement on my wedding set. On the advice of two different friends I came to Towne Square Jewelers. I was so pleased with the help and guidance I received from the staff! The ring was done in a short amount of time and I am so pleased with the results! I would highly recommend them to my other friends now!

Andrew Dowling

December 7, 2019

Every time I bring a watch on for service (strap change, link addition, battery, etc) they do great work. Always professional, courteous and quick.

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Brice Griesemer

May 28, 2018

Towne Square is the best Jewelry store in the area!! I’ve gotten both my wife’s wedding band set and my wedding band from there. They all have pandora for all of your significant others needs! Well worth the drive from Assumption, IL!!

Keri Marti

May 11, 2018

I took my wedding ring in to be looked at because I had a stone that was continually falling out. Instead of just replacing the stone they remounted my stones in a new setting and it is gorgeous. Thank you for your excellent customer service!! I would recommend Towne Square Jewelers for anything!!!

Ashley Combs

April 9, 2018

The staff is SO friendly and helpful & The pieces here are gorgeous! There is absolutely something for everyone. So many classically pretty things, & and also so many glittery, gorgeous unique pieces. I’d honestly like to live here �