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Karen L Murphy


Thank you Towne Square for your wonderful customer service. I always feel will taken care of when I come to your store.

Doug McDermand


This past July, I brought Towne Square Jewelers 2 very old cameo mounted rings in desperate need of restoration. Against all odds, the Towne Square Jewelers Staff did a superb job in restoring these family heirlooms. In sum, they look brand new! For those with similar heirloom restoration needs, I would heartily recommend Towne Square Jewelers!

Allison Heinz


We love Town Square Jewelers! We have purchased a few things from them and each time we received fabulous customer service.

Great Store!
Allison Heinz

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Rh Da

April 26, 2022

All the staff I dealt with were very pleasant and helpful. I had repair work done on two rings. I was very pleased with the work done, turn around time, and price. I more recently had another ring repaired there (April 2022). Again, I was pleased with their service. I appreciate that they were upfront about how long it would be before they could get it repaired. Their staff is very pleasant to work with and they do nice work.

Penny Partenheimer

April 8, 2022

I love Towne Square Jewelers! I studied there website in hopes of finding a jeweler who had the confidence and skill to handle a family heirloom. A wedding band from 1903. I needed the band to custom fit my engagement ring while leaving the inscription intact from 1903 and adding another inscription. They were as excited as I was about the ring and the task at hand. The shop is what I call a warm shop... meaning it's friendly, genuine and kind when you walk in. The completed custom ring brought me to tears. To say I was satisfied is an understatement. I am still emotional that they customized something so beautifully. This shop is Elite and ran by beautiful souls to say it best. Thank you so much Towne Square Jewelers 💎💍❤️


May 23, 2022

Changed the setting for my wife's heart shape diamond ring. It turned out beautiful! She loves the setting, I'm so happy I chose Towne Square Jeweler's. Thank you for helping us with this setting...

Michelle Holdren

March 30, 2022

Disappointed…. My husband surprised me with “custom “ bracelets for Mother’s Day (last year). They were 3 strands of beads with my kids initials. From the start I could not wear them. The strands were 3 different sizes (one was just size )and the clasps were so tiny that I couldn’t hook them myself. After about 6 weeks of being in repair to get them the the same length , they were fine but still I could not clasp them. One of the girls mentioned she didn’t know why they put such small clasps on them . They were something they would use with a kids bracelets. They Continued to be in and out of “ repair “ for the next several month so they could redesign it. They finally came up with a plan to connect them together with one clasp. I was told to wear the bracelet for a few weeks to make sure the strands would relax a little to make sure they would lay flat. Then they would solder them together. Within two hours of me wearing the bracelet it broke and back to the shop it went. It has been almost 10months at this point and my “custom” bracelet is now glorified stretchy bracelets. My husband would have never paid as much as he did for “stretchy bracelets”. When I asked if these are going to be durable, she told me it is on stretchy string, so it could eventually break down just be-careful. I’m overall disappointed with the timeframe it has taken to “fix “ the issue and that their solution is stretchy bracelets. I would have given only 1 star but I will say they were friendly, but I am not happy with my “custom” pieces.

Mandy Pfeiffer

December 23, 2021

My fiancé bought my rings online from a different company, but we decided we wanted to use a local shop for resizing and soldering services. He suggested Towne Square Jewelers and I’m so glad we chose them! The staff was so friendly and professional. The turn around was predicted to be 4-6 weeks, but I got my rings back in less than 3! The pricing was very reasonable as well. And my rings look amazing!!!! I absolutely love this place and they will definitely get my business again in the future. Highly recommend this store!