Hoop, Hoop Hooray!

Posted on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 3:28 pm by Molly

Hoop earrings are a huge trend this year! When you need the perfect earrings to accessorize your outfit, a pair of hoops are a great choice. Whether your style is small and simple, or big and bold, hoops complement any look! 

At Towne Square Jewelers, we recommend starting with a nice gold hoop! We offer a variety of styles from classic to adventurous. Feeling confident like J-Lo? We’ve got a hoop for that! In the mood to simplify your life with small delicate hoops? We’ve got a few hoops for that! Want to add some sparkle to your day? We’ve got some amazing diamond hoops with even more amazing prices! 

For those of you that already have hoops, now’s the perfect time to branch out of your comfort zone. It’s fun to have different metals or textures in your collection! Consider rose or white gold or hoops with a satin finished, hammered shine, and so much more. 

Just say hoop, hoop hooray and stop by today!