Everlasting Memories....Create Something New From Old

Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2019 at 3:15 pm by Terry

Your jewelry should bring you joy. If you went through your jewelry box, how much of it do you really wear? Many of have pieces with sentimental value that were given as gifts or inherited, but they may be outdated and not fit your personal style. Instead of storing old jewelry in a box, repurpose and restyle it. Towne Square Jewelers can take an old, uninteresting, out-of-style piece and make new jewelry from it.

Combine parts of different pieces to create a new ring. A pair of mother's earrings can be made into pendants for daughters. A diamond from an old wedding ring can be made into a solitaire pendant or mounted into a new ring with a modern style. A lone earring can be made into a ring or necklace. Cufflinks can become earrings. Different finishes can be applied to create a modern look for your jewelry.

We had a customer who wanted to create something from jewelry she acquired after her parents passed away. We took her father's wedding ring and a pair of blue topaz earrings her father had given her mother and created identical pendants for herself and her sister.

Open your jewelry box and really look at the pieces you have. If you love something, it should go right back into your jewelry box. But consider the possibilities with the rest! Stop by Towne Square Jewelers and any of our staff can help you create a fabulous new jewelry piece that will bring you joy!